VERMUND is a tribute to the manufacturer Vermund Larsen’s original and groundbreaking furniture design. It is high time to rediscover the designer Vermund Larsen, who established the company in 1935. Under the name VERMUND, a selection of the original chairs will be revived.

Mr. Larsen was an interior architect by education and an entrepreneur by heart. He became one of the pioneers behind ergonomically correct office chairs, and he was passionate about design, form and function. This passion for creating beautiful products was an essential driver for him.

VERMUND is the business unit caring for design furniture and is a tribute to Vermund Larsen. The chairs are all designed and manufactured in Denmark, upholding our tradition for handcraft
and beautiful furniture.


The Vermund story can be traced right back to 1935, when the young Vermund Larsen started manufacturing steel products. With two good hands, plenty of ideas and a good helping of optimism, he got started on making his first chair out of steel rods and fibreglass.

In many ways, Vermund Larsen was a creative and productive man, who got great pleasure out of making something. During those early years, Vermund Larsen was incredibly industrious, and spent days and nights in his workshop.

Vermund Larsen’s industrious personality quickly gave him enough wind in his sails to hire employees and increase production. He took care of his staff, who were never just a number in a production line. He recognised their abilities and was only too aware that you do not build up a company alone, but with the right people by your side. In many ways, he was ahead of his time; he was a skilled and considerate business manager, who built up a good working environment and made the time to talk to people – and not just about work. “As long as a boss treats his employees well, it is nice to be the boss,” was one of Vermund’s management principles.

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