Danish quality and design with

exceptional sitting comfort

With VERMUND designer furniture you get impeccable Danish design hand-crafted into timeless pieces by skilled workers at our production facilities in Denmark. VERMUND is a carefully selected range of furniture based on Vermund Larsen´s original designs from the 1950s and 1960s.

Vermund Larsen worked in an area that almost no other Danish designers were focusing on at the time – namely the interplay between aesthetics and ergonomics, which resulted in a new kind of seating comfort. Stylish, functional furniture was always the focus, and design and comfort went hand in hand. Vermund Larsen approached furniture making from a holistic, qualitative perspective. In his eyes, the design had to include comfort as an essential part of the creative process or else he would not give his stamp of approval on the final product.

VERMUND gives you more than furniture: you get authentic Danish design, a 6-year guarantee, and products which have been made with passion and love. We create furniture in the interplay between nature and the urban environment, working with natural materials such as wood, leather and wool combined with the strength and durability of steel and man-made textiles.

Vermund Larsen

furniture designer, producer, and inventor

Vermund Larsen is considered by many to be the unknown father of several furniture inventions, including the ground-breaking use of a gas spring to adjust the height of office chairs.

Vermund was a passionate man who cared deeply about form, functionality, and design. He was also the first European manufacturer of glass-fibre chairs – a collaborative project with the Danish designer Ib Kofod Larsen.

Despite his early death on November 28, 1970, Vermund’s classic furniture lives on and continues to tell the story of one of the unsung pioneers of Danish design.

VERMUND´s designs ensure aesthetic beauty and flawless seating solutions with a personal touch that will light up any room.

All of Vermund Larsen´s furniture is still in production at our local facilities in Aalborg, where we uphold Vermund Larsen´s traditions and craft every single day.