• Chrome-casters-gas-spring-office-chair-steel-frame-wheels

    Chrome, castors, gas spring +

  • blackstained-casters-gas-spring-office-chair-steel-frame-wheels

    Matte black, castors, gas spring +

  • gliders-chrome-steel-frame-gas-spring

    Chrome, gliders, autoreturn +

  • gliders-black-stained-steel-frame-gas-spring

    Matte black, gliders, autoreturn +


  • Sierra-Cognac-50x50

    Leather: Sierra, cognac +

  • Sierra-black

    Leather: Sierra, black +

  • savanne-Cognac-50x50

    Leather: Savanne (OEKO-TEX), cognac + 82 

  • Savanne-black

    Leather: Savanne (OEKO-TEX), black + 82 

  • Mood-4105-Grey-50x50

    Fabric: Mood, grey + 27 

  • Mood-4106-lightgreen-50x50

    Fabric: Mood, light green + 27 

  • Mood-2103-navy-blue-50x50

    Fabric: Mood, dark blue + 27 

  • Mood-2104-black-50x50

    Fabric: Mood, black + 27 


  • nature-oak-wood

    Top veneer: Oak nature +

  • white-stained-oak-wood

    Top veneer: Oak white +

  • Smoked-oak

    Top veneer: Oak smoked + 75 

  • walnut-wood

    Top veneer: Walnut +

  • black-stained-oak-50-50

    Top veneer: Oak black paint + 30 

  • Sierra-Cognac-50x50

    Leather: Sierra, cognac + 121 

  • Sierra-black

    Leather: Sierra, black + 121 

  • savanne-Cognac-50x50

    Leather: Savanne (OEKO-TEX), cognac + 296 

  • Savanne-black

    Leather: Savanne (OEKO-TEX), black + 296 

  • Mood-4105-Grey-50x50

    Fabric: Mood, grey + 180 

  • Mood-4106-lightgreen-50x50

    Fabric: Mood, light green + 180 

  • Mood-2103-navy-blue-50x50

    Fabric: Mood, dark blue + 180 

  • Mood-2104-black-50x50

    Fabric: Mood, black + 180 

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Danish design

Fantastic seating comfort

6 year warranty

Produced in Denmark

VL119 – fantastic comfort and many applications


VL119 is the modern little brother of VL118, designed by Vermund Larsen in 1964.

VL119 is a flexible chair that has its roots in the classic VL118 model. The elegantly designed chair has a flawless backrest, the body is crafted from FSC-certified wood, and the steel frame has wheels or sliders. The fabric or leather upholstery is hand-sewn, and the chair is hand-finished at our facilities in Aalborg.

The chair’s unique swivel base is everything you would expect in a modern and flexible chair. The chair is minimalist and elegant, and its versatility is perfectly suited to modern everyday life. It can be used for both the office and the dining table. Seating comfort is excellent, whether you choose a backrest in wood, or padded leather or other fabrics.


The VL119 backrest is made from FSC-certified Danish wood and comes in five different variations: natural-oiled oak, white-oiled oak, smoked oak, black-stained oak, and natural-oiled walnut. All padded surfaces are mounted on FSC-certified beech wood.

Textiles and leathers are produced by Danish quality manufacturers and chairs are carefully upholstered using soft and durable foam. We offer the following fabrics: Capture, Mood, Crisp, and Re-wool as well as several different types of quality leather.

The chair’s swivel base is constructed from stainless steel, which comes in two different finishes: chrome and black powder coating. The materials can be combined so that the chair expresses your own personal taste and style.

The chair has reversible sliders that are suitable for both carpets and hardwood floors.

All chairs are finished by hand at our production facilities in Aalborg, and each chair has its own unique ID-number and a 6-year warranty.

Experience creates seating comfort

Great seating comfort is common to all VL designs, and VL119 is no exception. The simple contours and the backward angling of the seat are the result of many years of experience of designing chairs for comfort. The simple and stylish curved steel backrest is plenty big enough to provide perfect back support and maximise comfort.

The organic lines of the backrest create an elegantly shaped armrest that ensures comfort in different positions even over long periods of time. For example, VL119 can be used as an office chair, dining chair, or even a conference chair – your imagination is the only limit!

In the 1960s, VL118 (VL119’s “larger brother”), was our best-selling dining chair both at home and abroad. The excellent seating comfort created a desire to make the chair more flexible so that it could also be used as an office or conference chair. VL119 is now ready to be used in a modern, busy, and ever-changing environment.

Interior design styles with VL119

What shall I choose?

There are many options with VL119, and you can “build” the chair you prefer for your home. We have made a guide on what to look out for when going through the various options of the VL119.

Before you choose the frame finish for your new chair, it is a good idea to look at what other metal surfaces you have in the room to ensure that the furniture match as well as possible. For example, if your table has a metal frame, most customers choose the same metal surface for the chairs.

All frames for VL119 are durable and produced in die-cast aluminium. Choose between:

Black: Powder coated with a matte and exclusive finish

Chrome: Polished with a shiny and decorative surface

If you primarily want to use the chair as an office chair, choosing wheels is a good idea. A VL119 with wheels also has an adjustable seat height, so you can easily move around and adjust the chair’s height to the table.

If you primarily want to use the chair around a dining or conference table, choosing gliders can be advantageous. A VL119 with gliders has auto-return, so the chair always turns back to the starting position. That way, the chairs always stand neatly around the table. In addition, the gliders are turnable so that the chair can be used on carpets, wooden floors or tiles – depending on your needs.

We recommend that the wood surface match other wood surfaces, e.g. the tabletop on your desk or dining table. It provides a beautiful visual whole around the area where chairs and tables go together perfectly.

Mixing different types of wood can also give a beautiful and exciting look – it all comes down to your taste. But, of course, wood almost goes along with any surface.

The wooden surfaces of VERMUND chairs are easy to clean and require minimal maintenance.

For dining table chairs, we generally recommend leather, as it is easier to clean than fabric. Furthermore, if there are small children in the family, leather is preferable as you can wipe it. On the other hand, fabric makes a beautiful finish but is more delicate to daily cleaning and maintenance.

You can choose between Mood fabric, Sierra leather, and Savanne leather as a standard.

Mood is a beautiful fabric, consisting of 92% wool and 8% polyamide, which provides high durability and good seating comfort. The design is modern and lasts for many years.

Both types of leather are cleaning-friendly and have a durable surface.

Sierra leather has a durable surface that is easy to clean. It is uniform but with a visible leather structure that will retain its appearance for many years. Black Sierra has a uniform base colour, whereas cognac-coloured Sierra leather has a two-colour flaming, which creates a visual effect.

Savanne-leather has a visible leather structure where there may be minor natural marks and scars after the animal’s life. Black and cognac Savanne has a uniform base colour and has a more even look than Sierra leather. Savannah has a nice, soft, and breathable surface, which gives you excellent sitting comfort for many years. OEKO-TEX certified.

If you want a different type of textile or leather, this is also possible, as we have an in-house upholstery workshop – contact our customer service for an offer.

You can see the difference between Savanne and Sierra leather here:


All angles


Seat in beech (core): upholstery

Back in beech (core): top veneer/upholstery

Steel frame: chrome, matte black

Gliders: black duo in felt/hard plastic

6-year warranty

Approved accordingly to DS/EN 16139


With gliders and autoreturn:
Weight: 8,5 kg

With castors and gas spring:
Seat height: 46-54,5 cm. Weight: 9,5 kg



To preserve the appearance and tactile beauty of the leather, we recommend regular vacuuming of the furniture, preferably every week. Avoid detergents, ammonia, oils, polishes, varnishes, etc.


We recommend regular vacuuming of the furniture, preferably every week. You can remove most stains with lukewarm water, using a clean, white cotton cloth


Wipe the surface with a damp lint-free cloth and wipe with a dry cloth. Never use abrasive products 


Wipe the wooden surface with a damp lint-free cloth and wipe with a dry cloth. For ongoing maintenance of the wood, you can use oil. Oil will maintain the glow of the wood: Use a furniture oil in nature for wooden surfaces in walnut, natural oak, and smoked oak. Use a white pigmented furniture oil for oiled white oak.