• nature-oak-wood

    Top veneer: Oak nature +

  • black-stained-oak-50-50

    Top veneer: Oak black painted +

  • Linoleum-Ash-4132-50x50

    Linoleum: Ash + 75 

  • Linoleum-Iron-4178-50x50

    Linoleum: Iron + 75 

  • Linoleum-Nero-4023-50x50

    Linoleum: Nero + 75 

  • Linoleum-Pistachio-4183-50x50

    Linoleum: Pistachio + 75 

  • linoleum-smokey-blue-50x50

    Linoleum: Smokey Blue + 75 


  • Chrome-steel-frame

    Chrome +

  • black-stained-steel-frame

    Matte black +

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VL1312 Large

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Danish design

Fantastic seating comfort

6 year warranty

Produced in Denmark

VL1300 series – charming and stylish coffee tables


The VL1300 series consists of couch and side tables designed by Vermund Larsen in the late 1950s.

VL1310 and VL1312 are stylish tables with oak or furniture linoleum and a steel frame. The look is light and elegant, characteristic of Nordic style. The tables are a perfect match for the VL135 “Cosy” Lounge chair.


These companion side tables are designed with great respect for the original, meaning that we have retained the finesse of the original tables and added a modern touch. The frames are elegantly designed with features that improve the stability of the table. Accentuated by a triangular tabletop with stylish curves, the organic design complements any room.

The VL1300 quickly became a true companion to the VL135 ”Cosy” Lounge chair, as they both match each other in style.


The VL1300 series has a durable tabletop that comes in three finishes: FSC-certified oak (natural or black-stained), maintenance-free furniture linoleum (ash gray or black). The frame is made from steel and finished in chrome or black powder coating.

The tabletop in natural or black-stained oak also matches the armrest and side table for the VL135 “Cosy” lounge chair. The table legs are equipped with rounded plastic sliders that are suitable for all floor types.

Each table has its own unique ID-number as well as a 6-year warranty.

Interior design styles with VL1300

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Vintage radiance and beautiful details

You get elegance and style, whether you need a single table or two tables to complement each other.

The VL1310 is a small table, which makes it perfect for any living room, not to mention the VL1312.

What shall I choose?

Here is a guide on what to look out for when going through the various options of the VL1300-series.

Before you choose the frame finish on your new table, it is a good idea to look at what other metal surfaces you have in your home to ensure that the furniture match as well as possible.

All frames are durable and produced in high-quality steel. Choose between:

  • Black: Powder coated with a matte and exclusive finish
  • Chrome: Polished with a shiny and decorative surface

Both types of tabletops are easy to clean and require minimal maintenance.

If you choose a wooden tabletop, we recommend looking at other wooden surfaces in the room. It gives an excellent visual whole in the overall decor with the same type of wood. On the other hand, mixing different kinds of wood can also excite the eye – it all comes down to your taste.

Our wooden tabletops are painted or oiled, making them very easy to clean and requires minimal maintenance – it is a good and long-lasting choice.

A linoleum tabletop fits with most other materials, and we have five beautiful colours. Linoleum is a natural material with a robust, matte surface that will get a beautiful patina over time. Linoleum is a modern material frequently used in the furniture industry as it is easy to maintain.

If you want a set of tables, a combination of wood and linoleum is also really nice – the two materials complement each other very well.

Compare the wood and linoleum surface here:

Linoleum, ash
Oak, nature


Tabletop in beech (core): top veneeer, linoleum

Steel frame: Ø16 mm: chrome, mate black

Gliders: black

6-year warranty

Approved accordingly to DS/EN 15372

Weight: VL1310 - 4,8 kg / VL1312 - 9,2 kg



Wipe the surface with a damp lint-free cloth and wipe with a dry cloth. Never use abrasive products