• Capture-5001-Blue-50x50

    Fabric: Capture, blue + 90 

  • Capture-4401-Grey-50x50

    Fabric: Capture, grey + 90 

  • Capture-4001-light-grey-50x50

    Fabric: Capture, light grey + 90 

  • Dunes-21003-Anthrazite-50x50

    Leather: Dunes, anthrazite + 270 

  • Dunes-21000-Cognac-50x50

    Leather: Dunes, cognac + 270 

  • savanne-Cognac-50x50

    Leather: Savanne (OEKO-TEX), cognac + 270 

  • Savanne-black

    Leather: Savanne (OEKO-TEX), sort + 270 

  • Sierra-black

    Leather: Sierra, black +

  • Sierra-Cognac-50x50

    Leather: Sierra, cognac +

  • Rewool-108-light-grey-50x50

    Fabric: Re-wool, light grey + 180 

  • Rewool-768-Petroleum-50x50

    Fabric: Re-wool, petroleum + 180 

  • Rewool-198-black-50x50

    Fabric: Re-wool, black + 180 


  • Chrome-steel-frame

    Chrome +

  • satin-chrome-steel-frame

    Satin chrome + 40 

  • black-stained-steel-frame

    Matte black +


  • Armrest-oak-nature-chrome

    Chrome: Oak nature + 304 

  • Armrest-oak-black-stained-chrome

    Chrome: Oak black painted + 304 

  • armrest-oak-nature-satin-chrome

    Satin Chrome: Oak nature + 343 

  • armrest-black-stained-oak-satin-chrome

    Satin chrome: Oak black painted + 343 

  • armrest-oak-nature-black-stained

    Matte black: Oak nature + 304 

  • armrest-black-stained-oak-black-steel

    Matte black: Oak black painted + 304 

Side table - Right

  • side-table-oak-nature-chrome-rs

    Chrome: Oak nature + 294 

  • side-table-black-stained-oak-chrome-rs

    Chrome: Oak black painted + 294 

  • side-table-oak-nature-satin-chrome

    Satin chrome: Oak nature + 333 

  • side-table-oak-black-matte-chrome-rs

    Satin chrome: Oak black painted + 333 

  • side-table-oak-nature-black-steel

    Matte black: Oak nature + 294 

  • side-table-black-stained-oak-black-steel

    Matte black: Oak black painted + 294 

Side table - Left

  • side-table-oak-nature-chrome-vs

    Chrome: Oak nature + 294 

  • side-table-black-stained-oak-chrome-vs

    Chrome: Oak black painted + 294 

  • side-table-oak-nature-satin-chrome

    Satin chrome: Oak nature + 333 

  • side-table-black-stained-oak-satin-chrome-vs

    Satin chrome: Oak black painted + 333 

  • side-table-oak-nature-black-steel-vs

    Matte black: Oak nature + 294 

  • side-table-black-stained-oak-black-vs

    Matte black: Oak black painted + 294 

Matching footstool

  • VL136-matching-foodrest

    Yes + 559 

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Danish design

Fantastic seating comfort

6 year warranty

Produced in Denmark

VL135 – Lounge chair with world-class seating comfort


VL135 “Cosy” is a fully padded lounge chair designed by Vermund Larsen.

This exquisite and comfortable lounge chair is built on a stable beech frame with steel legs and finished by hand at our facilities in Aalborg. The materials are a fusion of modern expression and classic quality, luxury, and comfort. The padded seat has a raised front that improves the overall seating comfort, whether you use a footstool or not.


When you sit in the “Cosy” chair, you feel the stresses and strains lift as you sit back and relax in heavenly comfort. The backrest and seat are tilted backward slightly to provide perfect support for your back. Wooden armrests can be purchased for extra support and comfort.

VL135 was introduced just before the company’s 25th anniversary in 1960. It quickly earned the nickname “Cosy,” which exemplifies what Vermund Larsen’s design was all about in the first place!


The VL135 lounge chair has a padded seat and back made from FSC-certified beech wood and upholstered in fabric or leather in a wide range of colours. The steel frame comes in three different finishes: chrome, matte chrome, and black powder coating. Armrests and side tables are available in two finishes, natural or black-stained oak, to match perfectly with the VL1300-series.

The materials can be combined so that the chair expresses your own personal taste and style.

All fabrics and leather surfaces are produced by Danish quality manufacturers and chairs are carefully upholstered. We offer the following types of fabric: Capture, Mood, Crisp, and Re-wool as well as several different types of quality leather.

The frame is made of 20% recycled steel, which reduces the environmental impact of the steel’s resource-demanding extraction process.

The chair has sliders that are suitable for most carpets and hardwood floors.

All chairs are finished by hand at our production facilities in Aalborg, and each chair has its own unique ID-number as well as a 6-year warranty.

Endless possibilities

The VL135 “Cosy” was relaunched in 2016 and is pretty much identical to the original chair. Minor improvements include a wider seat that contributes positively to the chair’s overall design and proportions.

With the VL135, you get a very comfortable and elegant chair with many impressive features that will enhance your home. You can purchase matching armrests as well as an elegant side table, where you can place your favourite book, your mobile phone, and a glass of fine wine! You can also buy a matching footstool (VL136) for extra comfort.

How others decorate with VL135

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What shall I choose?

Der er mange muligheder med en VL135, og du kan ”bygge” den stol, du foretrækker. Herunder er en vejledning i, hvad du skal være opmærksom på i forhold til de forskellige valgmuligheder.

Before choosing the frame finish for your new chair, it is a good idea to look at what metal surfaces you else have in your home to ensure that the furniture matches as well as possible.

All frames are durable and produced in high-quality steel. You can choose between:

  • Black: Powder coated with a matte and exclusive finish
  • Chrome: Polished with a shiny and decorative surface
  • Matte chrome: Chromated with a matte surface but still metallic.

The chair has turnable gliders so that the chair is perfect on both carpets, wooden floors or tiles – depending on your needs.

Depending on your desire, you can build VL135 both with and without armrests. By choosing armrests, you get extra comfort when sitting in the chair. The metal surface of the armrest always matches the frame. You can select armrests in two different variants of oak – we recommend putting black painted armrests on a black frame and oiled armrests on frames in chrome and matte chrome.

You can choose a side table on both sides of the chair, perfect for placing your coffee cup or tablet. The metal surfaces of the side table always match the frame. You can choose between two different oak variants – we recommend putting a black painted side table on a black frame and an oiled side table on a frame in chrome or matte chrome.

If you need both armrests and a side table, we always recommend that you choose the same wooden variant. The armrests and side tables are both stylish and long-lasting choices that are easy to clean and require minimal maintenance.

Both leather and fabrics are excellent choices for the lounge chair – it depends on what you feel like. Leather is easy to clean, while it is softer to sit in fabrics. Most of our customers order the chair in a textile that matches the colours in the room or adds a whole new colour to the room.

You can choose between Capture fabric, Re-wool fabric, Sierra leatherSavanne leather and Dunes leather as a standard.

Capture is a fabric in a modern look that still fits the age and design of the chair from the 1960s. Capture consists of 85% wool and 15% polyamide, which provides high wear resistance and good seating comfort.

Re-wool is a beautiful fabric consisting of 45% new wool, 45% recycled wool, and 10% polyamide, which provides high durability and good seating comfort. It is a textile with a sustainable profile with a modern yet classic look that will last for many years.

Sierra leather has a durable surface that is easy to clean. It is uniform but with a visible leather structure that will retain its appearance for many years. Black Sierra has a uniform base colour, whereas cognac-coloured Sierra leather has a two-colour flaming, which creates a visual effect.

Savanne-leather has a visible leather structure with minor natural marks and scars after the animal’s life. Black and cognac Savanne has a uniform base colour and has a more even look than Sierra leather. Savannah has a nice, soft, and breathable surface, which gives you excellent sitting comfort for many years. OEKO-TEX certified.

Dunes leather has a nice and soft surface. It is more open and breathable than the Sierra, which makes Dunes leather more sensitive to stains, but at the same time, this particular feature gives a beautiful patina over time. In addition, the leather has a natural and raw look with visible marks from the animal’s life, which makes each chair unique in its expression. Dunes leather has an exclusive look which is perfect on this lounge chair

If you want a different type of textile or leather, this is also possible, as we have an in-house upholstery workshop – contact customer service for an offer.

Our VL136 footstool provides extra comfort and a more relaxed sitting position. The footstool, of course, matches the chair in colour and frame.

See the difference between our different leathers and fabrics




All angles


Seat/back in beech (core): upholstry

Steel frame: Ø16 mm: chrome, matte black, satin chrome

Gliders: black felt

6-year warranty

Approved accordingly to DS/EN 16139

Weight: VL135 - 9,5 kg / VL136 - 4,0 kg



To preserve the appearance and tactile beauty of the leather, we recommend regular vacuuming of the furniture, preferably every week. Avoid detergents, ammonia, oils, polishes, varnishes, etc.


We recommend regular vacuuming of the furniture, preferably every week. You can remove most stains with lukewarm water, using a clean, white cotton cloth


Wipe the surface with a damp lint-free cloth and wipe with a dry cloth. Never use abrasive products 


Wipe the wooden surface with a damp lint-free cloth and wipe with a dry cloth. For ongoing maintenance of the wood, you can use oil. Oil will maintain the glow of the wood: Use a furniture oil in nature for wooden surfaces in walnut, natural oak, and smoked oak. Use a white pigmented furniture oil for oiled white oak.