VL119 is a variation of the VL118 chair that was our most popular dining chair in the 1960s. VL119 has exceptional comfort and a stylish swivel base. It comes with either wheels so it functions as an office chair or with auto return and sliders, so it stands beautifully at the conference table.

The expression on the VL119 can vary indefinitely, as it is can be combined with chrome or black frame, wood, leather or textile, depending on what expression you want.

Read more about combination options under ‘Materials’

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VL119 can be varied indefinitely as it can be combined with two different colors of frame, chrome or black powder coat. Seat and backrests are available in different types of wood or upholstered with a wide variety of colors, on high quality Danish textiles or different exclusive leather types.


TEXTILE: Vacuum the chair with a furniture brush or use a clean wrung-out cloth or sponge.

LEATHER: Vacuum leather with a soft brush regularly, to keep the surface of the leather clean and free from dust. Avoid the use of cleaning products.

FRAME: Wipe the frame regularly with a wrung-out cloth. Do not use cleaning products.

WOOD: For daily care, use a damp cloth and wipe with a dry cloth afterwards. For maintenance, use a white pigmented maintenance oil for oiled oak and a natural care oil for walnut, back stained oak, natual oil oak and smoked oak.


See a selection of our many variations of the VL119 below

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