VL15 has as the only office chair in the world, the newest development within prevention and relief of back pain. A unique two-part backrest gives new and improved possibilities for a comfortable and ergonomic sitting posture with support and movement in the lumbar and pelvic regions.

The backrest can be adjusted as needed and the lumbar support provides optimal support for the lumbar and pelvic regions no matter how you position yourself on the chair. The backrest activates and promotes a healthy, upright posture which is unique compared to other backrests currently on the market.

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VL15 is an elegant and stylish office chair with a chrome 5-star base and a large selection of textiles and leather from Danish quality manufacturers.

As a standard the VL15 is available with the new eco-friendly Swing textile. It is made from wool from New Zealand and recycled polyester and its geometric structure creates a wonderful, living impression which is available in 29 colors.

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LEATHER: Leather should be vacuumed with a soft brush regularly. This keeps the leather surface clean and free of debris. Avoid use of detergents.

Note: Never place leather furniture in direct sunlight or next to a radiator. The color can fade, and the leather can dry out. The use of various care products is at your own risk. Avoid sharp objects.

TEXTILE: Vacuum the chair with a furniture brush or wipe with a clean, damp cloth or sponge.
FRAME: Wipe the frame regularly with a damp cloth. Avoid use of detergent.
CASTORS: It is recommended to check the castors regularly and clean for any thread residue.


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Our award winning backrest

See how the unique backrest on the VL15 works

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