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VERMUND has been manufacturing and developing office chairs since the 1960s, and VL17 is the latest addition to the family. Here, classic qualities such as ergonomics and sitting comfort go hand in hand with the latest developments in synchronous mechanisms and free movement. VL17 is equipped with a unique, two-part ALB backrest, which improves your lumbar and back support*, thereby reducing tiredness and discomfort in the back. The chair is thus ideal for long working days, where variation in the sitting position is crucial to preventing or easing pain in the back.

VL17 can be adjusted so that it always matches the way you would like to sit. The chair’s many possibilities, such as additional lumbar support and synchro tilt function that can be adapted to a specific body weight, ensure that the chair is always adjusted ergonomically correctly.

  • CARE

VL17 is an elegant and stylish chair with a chrome frame, which can be ordered with a wide selection of fabrics and leathers from quality Danish manufacturers.

VL17 is supplied as standard with Swing fabric, which is woven from New Zealand wool and environmentally-friendly, recycled polyester. Swing has a geometric structure that gives it a lively, exciting expression and comes in 29 fresh colours.

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LEATHER: Leather should be vacuumed with a soft brush regularly. This keeps the leather surface clean and free of debris. Avoid use of detergents.

Note: Never place leather furniture in direct sunlight or next to a radiator. The color can fade, and the leather can dry out. The use of various care products is at your own risk. Avoid sharp objects.

TEXTILE: Vacuum the chair with a furniture brush or wipe with a clean, damp cloth or sponge.
FRAME: Wipe the frame regularly with a damp cloth. Avoid use of detergent.
CASTORS: It is recommended to check the castors regularly and clean for any thread residue.


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VL17 Video

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