After a look through the archives, it is time to rediscover a number of Vermund Larsens classic chair designs from the mid-1950s and ’60s. The VL66 office chair is the first to see the light of day once again.

We found the VL66 in the archives – and have taken the original shape to recreate the chair. The shape of the seat and back are completely identical with the original, and the leather on the seat’s front edge is exactly as it was in 1962. A handsome, timeless chair, it will provide contemporary Nordic homes with an original design from the past.

Initially, the chair was launched with a wooden seat and back, but a padded version fitted with Hallingdal upholstery was released in 1966. And today, in 2013, Hallingdal fabric remains timeless – as does the original chair from that time.

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VL66, a classic VERMUND chair, has been relaunched for modern use. Its original form has been kept, though the chair initially was launched with a wooden seat and back.
A padded version fitted with Hallingdal upholstery fabric was released in 1966.

Today the classic Hallingdal fabric remains timeless, as does the original VL66 chair from that time.

See some of our beautiful VL66 office chars below


TEXTILE: Vacuum the chair with a furniture brush or use a clean wrung-out cloth or sponge.

LEATHER: Vacuum leather with a soft brush regularly, to keep the surface of the leather clean and free from dust. Avoid the use of cleaning products. Never place leather furniture in direct sunlight or up against a radiator. This can fade the color and dry out the leather. The use of care products is at your own risk.

FRAME: Wipe the aluminum regularly with a wrung-out cloth. Do not use cleaning products. 


See a selection of our many variations of the VL66 below

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