VL66 The original Danish postal service chair VL66 The original Danish postal service chair VL66 The original Danish postal service chair VL66 The original Danish postal service chair

VL66 – the classic VERMUND office chair

The preferred office chair in the 1960s

VL66 was one of the first office chairs in the world to use a gas spring for height adjustment, which is the standard for all office chairs today. VL66 – in its current iconic design with Hallingdal fabric and leather reinforcement – was designed by Vermund Larsen in 1966.

DID YOU KNOW?: Before Vermund Larsen invented height adjustment via a gas spring, the seat height was changed with a screw handle. There was no seat and backrest adjustment back in the day. In 1961, Vermund was the first in the world to use a gas spring to adjust the height of a chair. In fact, the VL66 was the whole reason that ergonomics and comfort found their way into Danish workplaces.

This classic chair is the most elegant and detailed office chair you will find, with top-notch design, comfort, and functionality. The VL66 is built on a stable beech frame with upholstery in fabric or leather, and the chair has a polished aluminum swivel base and wheels with chrome steel shells. The VL66 is finished by hand at our facilities in Aalborg.

The VL66 has a classic vintage look that exudes both quality and history. The backrest and seat provide fantastic, adjustable seating comfort, which means that you can sit for several hours without hurting your back. The ergonomic design of the VL66 shows that Vermund was far ahead of his time.

  • VL66, price from 726,- EUR

    VL66, price from 726,- EUR

  • VL66, price from 726,- EUR

    VL66, price from 726,- EUR

  • VL66, price from 648,- EUR

    VL66, price from 648,- EUR

  • VL66, price from 648,- EUR

    VL66, price from 648,- EUR

  • VL66, price from 648,- EUR

    VL66, price from 648,- EUR

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  • Dimensions
  • Care

The VL66 office chair is a padded chair with a polished aluminum base. It is available in a wide range of colours in different textiles, such as Re-wool or Hallingdal by Nanna Ditzel, as well as two colours in leather, which can be seen at your local retailer. All textiles and leather surfaces are produced by Danish quality manufacturers and chairs are carefully upholstered using comfortable, high-quality foam.

The frame is made of 20% recycled steel, which reduces the environmental impact of the steel’s resource-demanding extraction process.

All chairs are finished by hand at our production facilities in Aalborg, and each chair has its own unique ID number and a 6-year warranty.


TEXTILE: Vacuum the chair with a furniture brush or use a clean wrung-out cloth or sponge.

LEATHER: Vacuum leather with a soft brush regularly, to keep the surface of the leather clean and free from dust. Avoid the use of cleaning products. Never place leather furniture in direct sunlight or up against a radiator. This can fade the color and dry out the leather. The use of care products is at your own risk.

FRAME: Wipe the aluminum regularly with a wrung-out cloth. Do not use cleaning products.

silky mat chrome The original ‘wear and tear’ leather corner silky mat chrome Aluminum casters black powder coat Aluminum frame glidere Original 60’s Hallingdal Fabric glidere Beautiful finish glidere Beautiful finish glidere Den klassiske rygbøjle

Ergonomic design: paving the way

Vermund Larsen made his first commercial designs in 1935 and quickly became one of the pioneers of comfortable, ergonomic design, which has paved the way for office chairs as we know them today.

The ergonomic curves of the VL66 seat and backrest are identical to the original chair, and so is the comfort. Unlike most contemporary office chairs, the seat and backrest can be adjusted in height and angle independently, which puts this office chair in a class of its own. This is one of the primary reasons why it was so popular back in the 1960s and 1970s.

The elegant leather corners on the front of the seat were implemented upon request from the Danish postal service. The postal staff would move the chairs around a lot while sorting the mail, which resulted in the seat scraping against walls and table edges. The corners were therefore reinforced with leather, and this is how the chair has looked ever since. The VL66 is a beautiful office chair with a timeless, vintage design that fits right into the Nordic home.

The VL66K comes in a leather or fabric finish, with the iconic leather corners on the front of the seat. The chair fits exceptionally well with the VL66 stool, a simple and stylish matching stool.

When talking ergonomics, it is always good to switch up your sitting position, and therefore it is also an advantage to have two different chairs.

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