VERMUND offers a 6-year warranty on all products with a guarantee that purchased products will be delivered free from defects. If a defect appears during the warranty period, it is the responsibility of VERMUND to deliver, repair or change the defective parts. VERMUND will decide which solution to choose considering the cost of the affected parts. Repairs or replacements fulfill the obligation of VERMUND in relation to the product warranty.

6-year warranty covers

All defects in relation to:


6-year warranty does not cover:



Please note that placing the product in direct sunlight or near a heat source can dry/bleach wood, leather and fabric.

During assembly, VERMUND ensures the pairing of components and materials so they match in structure and colour. When re-ordering, VERMUND cannot guarantee that the colour resistance, texture and structure will be identical to previous orders.

VERMUND products are approved according to current European standards.

Complaints in relation to the described warranty must be reported to VERMUND customer service at mail@vermund.eu within 30 days of discovery.


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